Tocoa, Colón, Honduras 2014

Project goal: Build the concrete block walls around an existing 16 X 31-foot roofed structure in El Barro, a small rural village 10 miles east of Tocoa

Dates: Any time between Feb. 1 and mid-May, 2014 (dry season in Central America). The existing structure that consists of a concrete floor, reinforced concrete columns and a corrugated metal roof is 9 ½ feet high.  Suggested dates: Wednesday, Feb. 19 through Friday Feb. 28, 2014.

Place: El Barro is near Tocoa, a town of approximately 75,000.  The team would stay in the Hotel Sanábria in Tocoa.  Good restaurants are nearby.

Travel: Team would need two full travel days, perhaps 2 ½. Delta has a flight that arrives in San Pedro Sula at 12:30 p.m. Team would rent a vehicle and drive 4 ½ hours to Tocoa.  The return flight departs San Pedro Sula at 1:30 p.m.  In order to reach the airport two hours before the return flight home, probably the wisest thing would be to drive from Tocoa to SPS the day prior to departure. The number of work days dedicated to the construction project would depend on the number of volunteers on the team and whether all construction materials would be purchased beforehand and on the scene prior to arrival of the team (which would be the plan).

Background of Project:  Four years ago, a member of the Baptist church in Taujica invited a woman who lives in El Barro to attend church. She was saved and immediately began inviting her neighbors—children, youth and adults to her home for Bible study.  Ever since, members of the church in Taujica have traveled weekly to El Barro to evangelize and disciple the new believers.  The group now numbers about 40. The church in Taujica purchased a small lot and built an open-air structure as a meeting place.  It has a concrete floor, reinforced concrete columns, wooden trusses and a corrugated metal roof.  Because it is open, there is no security, and people have stolen electrical fixtures and other items.  The church has the option to purchase land behind this structure for expansion in the future. Local contractors have told the pastor of the Baptist church in Taujica, Marcos Ferrufino, that the cost of local labor and materials would be $2,900 dollars; $2400 just for materials, which to me sounds high considering how small the structure is.

Pastor Marcos would like the front and back walls to be solid, while the two side walls to include either decorative concrete blocks that permit the passage of air or some sort of wiring or both. It is in the coastal plains, so the weather is hot—and they get lots of rain.  Details later.  We will need to come up with about $2,000 in construction materials—concrete block etc. While the construction volunteers are building the walls of the meeting place, a group will teach English as a Second Language and basic computer operation in the elementary school in El Barro.

Additional Construction:  We also need to build a small concrete block transmitter shack with a corrugated metal roof for Stereo Bethel in Taujica.  It will be very small and will be located near the base of the tower.